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Prison Release

By Config Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hey everyone.

    Sorry for my short absense, I've been away on holiday for a bit. I'm back now, and have some amazing news to present to you guys. We're going to be talking about the release of our second game on the network, Prison!

    It wouldn't be MineSaga if it didn't have amazing builds. I'd like to once again thank our builder, Arches, for the amazing spawn design. Here's some photos of the new spawn and some of the mines!

    Prison will be full of both new and old content creators. We'll be welcoming MeeZoid to record as well as F1NN5TER! There could potentially be more content creators joining throughout the first season of Prison, we'll just have to wait and see!

    Who do you want to see recording on Prison? Let us know!

    We'll have lots of exciting content, from Skyblock updates or entirely built from scratch available on Prison. I'll try make a list of most of the content here, however, lots will be missing purely due to the huge amount of features we've got available on Prison.
    • Bosses will be available. These are the same as the Skyblock boss mobs, however will have very different and special rewards. Make sure you keep an eye out in the arena for new Boss spawns.
    • Bartender will allow you to gamble your money for a chance of double, triple, quadrible, or octuple your intial investings! You can visit either Gino or Miguel in spawn to purchase your non-alcoholic beverages.
    • Custom Enchants and Enchant Tokens will allow you to purchase Explosive, Fortune, Unbreaking, Haste, Speed, Jump, and more custom enchantments. These will give you advantages whilst mining and will allow you rankup easier.
    • Lucky Chests can be randomly found whilst mining and will contain many unique and dope rewards, such as pickaxes, money, tokens, points, bombs, and more.
    • Bombs will allow you to blow up the mine. Pretty cool, huh?
    • Crates will have seven different types. Vote, Drop Party, Multiplier, Cosmetic, Basic, Advanced, and Legendary. This doesn't include the Loot Crate and Monthly Crates, which are similar to the Skyblock equivelants...

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