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By Config Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Hey everyone.

    We're launching Cosmetics, a collection of trails and other cool, fancy visual effects that can make you stand out from other users. This update will tie in to a much larger update that we're launching in a couple of weeks, but we thought we'd launch this early so we can adjust and adapt it from the get-go.

    I'll only be showing some of the effects in this post, because there's over 100 of them. You can purchase Sprays on the store, but nothing else. This will make sense in a few weeks time.

    The Cosmetics stand out, but not distracting. You can visit the menu by typing /cosmetics then you can select which category you'd like to view.

    There current Cosmetics category that you can view are listed below. We may add more in the future.
    • Arrow Trails
    • Trails
    • Kill Messages
    • Kill Effects
    • Sprays

    To unlock Arrow Trails, Trails, Kill Effects or Kill Messages, you can currently win them from crates, monthly crates, store, and point shop. We're working on a more central way to receive them which will release in a few weeks. Sprays are currently exclusive to the store only.

    Arrow Trails
    These are particle effects that will follow your arrow. They're not too distracting so they won't ruin combat, but they're really cool and are something I think should be popular. I'll put an example of one of the trails below.

    Some of the trails you can use on your arrows are listed below:
    • Potion
    • Spell
    • Coloured Dust
    • Lava/Water
    • Hearts
    • Smoke
    • Snowball

    These are the exact same as arrow trails, but for your player instead. These are trails that'll follow you around. We have a selection of 19 trails that you can choose from. I've put an example of what they look like below.

    Some of the trails you can use are listed below:
    • Portal
    • Slime
    • Splash
    • Smoke
    • Explosion
    • Note
    • All of the particles that can be used as Arrow Trails

    Kill Messages
    These are really cool. You can select a kill message pack, and when you kill a player, it'll show a random kill message from that pack. Some of the packs we've got are:
    • Space
    • Jurassic
    • Western
    • Pizza
    • Banana

    These are my personal favourite and probably the best thing to come out of this update. You can basically make images appear out of nowhere. I'll put an example of three or so Spray effects below. They disappear ten seconds after being spawned. There's a cooldown of five seconds.

    We're always working on adding new Sprays. If you have an...

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