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Hey everyone.

Unfortunately, I have to be the bearer of bad news, again. We're going to be closing the Blizzard realm and merging all ranks and permissions to the Kingdom realm. It may sound like a bad idea, but, in reality, Blizzard is currently losing us hundreds of dollars a week. We're allocating staff and resources towards it, and it's not paying off. Blizzard will close on Friday at 5:30 PM EST after island top winners are picked at 5:00 PM EST. We'll be transferring all ranks and permissions to Kingdom before it shuts down.

We've also got to announce some rule changes we're making towards coupons, the distribution of coupons, and their usage. We're currently extremely lenient towards our rules on PayPal trading and our coupons. This is changing. From now on, you'll no longer be allowed to sell anything on the server for real life money, and doing so may result in you being banned. We're sick of giving out thousands of dollars worth of free things on our server per week, for them to be resold to other users for profit. This includes coupons, items, and gift cards. Lots of other servers enforce these rules, and we're now finally following-suit.

I'm also going to make it clear here, you can only use the code you win for island top on the realm you won it on. We've tried to get this point across on multiple occassions, but it's become a monopoly where users are violating our rules to win the new realms as soon as they come out. It's unfair, and is making it harder for other players to get started without paying hundreds of dollars to match that user. We'll also be ensuring that this is followed, and are in talks with Buycraft to add measures to enforce this. If you use it on the realm you didn't win, we will take away the items and will not give the code back.

We're also going to be deactivating all old and active island top codes on Friday so you have until then to use them.

From now on, once you have got the code from island top, they are to be used by the following Friday. So if I win island top on the Saturday on our Space realm, I have until the following Friday to use it otherwise the code will be deleted. This allows us to keep track of who is using what.

We may seem harsh, but our aim is to ultimately create a fun, and equal, playing experience for all of our users.

Hope you all have a good day. We'll have some more exciting and uplifting news out in the next few days.

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