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Changelog | 19th July

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Another month goes by since I've written a change log and a lot has changed. We've managed to hit our all time peak of just over 2,500 and are still looking to continue our growth. Our performance has been going well, we've been running 400-500 players on each realm at basically 20 tps which is a nice change to what we were before. We've also changed our graphics! You can see our new look on our twitter here and also enter the giveaway: https://twitter.com/MineSagaMC/status/1019700683317096448

    We've managed to fix the issues with our hubs timing out, which has been good as we haven't had players being unable to connect for significant amounts of time which has meant me being able to get some sleep and not having to wake up at 4am to sort them out.

    We ran into some issues with our databases however, which caused players to be unable to connect as our permissions plugin would fail to load your userdata but after our emergancy network reboot we did, this was resolved.

    Onto the smaller things we've done in the last month, I will make a list below for all that are interested.

    • Fixed an issue with players getting unlimited potion effects
    • Implemented this: https://gyazo.com/531356ba0a25a104013a52d0782a632e (very soon)
    • Launched our pets update
    • Launched our battle pass update (more challenges for it coming soon)
    • Launched our custom enchants update
    • Fixed our performance
    • Fixed a dupe with /trade
    • Made it so you will be teleported to spawn if you keep getting "Kicked for flying"
    • Made it so valuable blocks cannot be exploded by Explosive picks
    • Fixed a bug with pets still gaining XP even if max level
    • Fixed a bug with penguin not multiplying mobs correctly
    • Made it so if you log into a locked island, you will be teleported to spawn
    • You will no longer lose your inventory if you are kicked from an island
    • Fixed the sell all cooldown
    • Boosters now work on Hopper charms
    • Chimp pet net works with hopper charms and void chests
    • Added forced spawner stacking
    • Fixed minions names resetting
    • Fixed hovering over someones name not showing information on Mystic
    • Made fire aspect swords work with minions
    • Stopped people linking chests with minions on different peoples islands
    • Implemented a new bottle xp so you can bottle amounts now
    • Fixed issues where mobs go out of the chunk that is loaded, they will only drop the loot of 1
    • Made it so you can only use the upgrade items on minions to get level 1
    Hope you're enjoying all our hard work recently, and hope you continue too in the future!

    Thanks guys!

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