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  • With all the changes we made, there were bound to be some bugs. We beta tested for a week with our Saga ranks which was a great idea as it allowed us to find the vast majority of the bugs straight away rather than having to fix them on launch. There was however still a few bugs about but all but one I believe is now fixed. Below will be a list of things that have changed since launch but before that, I would just like to mention a bit about minions.

    Before launch, we changed the way that minions were saved to hopefully stop them from deleting themselves and stop them disappearing. It seems like we have managed to fix them deleting themselves/becoming unaccessible but the issue where they sometimes become invisible may still be an issue. We are actively working towards fixing this and it should be rolled out over the next day or so. The good news is the server still thinks they are there so even if they are invisible to the client they will still be working.

    Anyway, onto the bugs list...

    January 28th

    • Fixed an issue with people not having /fly when they should.
    • Fixed space tab being messed up.
    • Fixed an issue with Discord sync not syncing kits ranks.
    • Fixed an issue where some mines on prison would tp you into the void when they reset.
    • Fixed an issue where Discord sync would not update your roles unless you left and joined the Discord.
    • Removed the ability for blasting to break bedrock.
    • Fixed an issue where blasting would drop the incorrect amount of blocks.
    • Disabled you to have the ability to sethome in combat worlds.
    • Fixed playtime rolling back when the server reboots.
    • Fixed an issue with the anticheat on kits false banning people.
    • Disabled cactus/sugarcane being able to be fast placed.
    • Disabled flight in mining world if you get combat tagged.
    • Disabled explosive pick in mining world.
    • Disabled you being able to hit people if you had the invincibilty perk in the mining world.
    • Fixed an issue where you were unable to fly if you were in the mining world.
    • Enabled quests everywhere.
    • Fixed silk touch picks not working in mining world.
    • Added /outpost toggle.
    • Rounded the island value on the island top gui information page.
    • Fixed some issues with island ranks.
    • Fix gapple cooldown working in duels on kits.
    • Fixed realm auto reboots rebooting at the wrong time.
    • Fixed the servers displaying the wrong player count on portal page.
    • Added coords to outpost message in chat.

    January 29th

    • Fixed an issue with Transfuse rune not working (For reboots).
    • Fixed an issue with Island Ranks throwing errors.
    • /envoys toggle - Will be coming either this reboot or next.
    • Increased chances of getting Tier hoppers from vote and drop party keys.
    • Fixed an error with /runes not taking XP correctly.
    • Re-enabled shockwave everywhere.
    • Fixed some lang mistakes in jackpot.
    • Continuing to work on vanishing minions...

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