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Changelog | 4th June

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • It's time for another one of these little update posts for you guys, showing some of the smaller changes we have made or fixed in the past few months or so. We've been working on an awful lot of bigger updates over the last few weeks, hence why our weekly update this week wasn't as big as we would normally make it as all our development power has been going towards these new projects.

    • ASBAddons weekly update deployed
    • June crate added
    • Few fixes to points shop dupe
    • Few fixes to minions dupe
    • Fixed an issue with Miningworld hologram being wrong
    • Fixed an issue with /is lock not working (next reboot)
    • Relaunched the Mystic realm with Skeppy
    • Fixed an issue with hopper charms droping the hopper and the charm
    • Working on the hopper speed of tier 2 and 3 hoppers resetting after a server reboot
    • Made gold nuggets condenseable (Mystic only)
    • Fixed a bunch of issues with bosses not loading (sorry!)
    • Fixed the hopper charm flying away like an enderpearl
    • Blocked withers doing damage to warp pvp
    • Treasure golem should take 1 damage whenever it is hit by anything now
    • Added ability to break the stack of spawners by shifting and mining them
    • Fixed the drops of 100+ players whenever a server would restart
    • Added toggle vote message command (/vote toggle) (Newer realms only)
    • Finally implemented the funky new /buy
    • Fixed some issues with the merging of item stacks
    • Disable chat in hubs to stop those pesky advertisers
    • Fixed a lot of issues with the ores and blocks in shop being different so it was better to sell ores than the block
    • Disabled god apples while in the void
    • Removed gold swords from pigman drops (some realms only)
    • Added ores to the shop
    We're still working very hard on one of our most awesome weekly updates yet, it is taking a little longer than expected but when it comes out, it will be by far the biggest update to ever hit MineSaga.

    Thank you once again for your support, we're only around 80 players off hitting that 2,000 player mark now which is absoutely crazy!

    See you all soon


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