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By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone,

    Our final reset of this season of Skyblock. This reset brings Jurassic up to date with all of our other Skyblock realms so you are no longer missing out on all of the new changes that some other realms have had for a month. If you are wanting to play any realm of our Skyblock, this is it. There will not be another Skyblock reset for a while now so do not miss out if you want to play!

    That being said, our final reset will be on...

    Saturday, 22nd of June at 2:00 PM EDT
    (You can find this in your timezone by searching in Google)

    Lets switch it up a bit for our last Skyblock reset. This giveaway will be 3 x $50 Giftcards that can be spent on any realm you want to. Make sure to enter by retweeting and following. You can do this on the link below!


    Wohoo! Time to bring Jurassic up to date which is great for us as we no longer have to deal with outdated plugins! :love:

    The following changes are those that have been pushed to all of our other Skyblock realms and will now be coming to Jurassic to give you guys the experience of our brand new setup.

    • New things added to /shop and new prices.
    • Changed to points shop prices to accommodate a new update.
    • Buffed mine crates to make them a lot more valuable.
    • Removed XP shop (Please read below to see our changes to how to use XP).
    • Added /pay <name> all to allow for easier paying from alts.
    • Added island bank notifications to everyone on the island when someone withdraws or deposits money.
    • Added some loot to crates that are above the map kit to make loot worthwhile getting.
    • Heavily increased KOTH rewards to get things like spawners, points etc.
    • Heavily increased Envoy and supply drop rewards to contain spawners, points etc to encourage more PVP.
    • Added /is bank log to show the last 10 transactions.
    • Changed outpost so you do not need to stand on it to keep the booster, but a much longer capture time.
    • Tier 4 spawners will now condense poppies to 1 red terracotta.
    • Allowed the use of letters in /is withdraw/deposit.
    • After purchasing an item on /ah, you will be set back to the current page rather than closing the GUI.
    • Added /events toggle to toggle event messages.
    • Made envoys toggle persist after reboots/relogging.
    • Added an island permission to do /is level.
    • New Mob Arena and Mining world concept (Read below).
    • Mining World will actually have great value to it now.

    New Spawners
    The same as our other newly reset realms, you will see new spawners on this realm to change up the economy from previous realms and to bring the setups up to date. The new spawners include Silverfish...

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