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Space Reset

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone! 👋

    Here we are again, another week later, with our next reset in the final season of Skyblock before a big change hits! This Saturday, the Space realm will be resetting at the usual time of 2 PM EST.

    Last week, we released the Kingdom realm which had a ton of new changes. Obviously with the amount of changes we made, there was bound to be a few issues, bugs and things that need balancing. I am happy to report that everything that needed a fix or needed a nerf or buff has been changed on the Space map as well as a few other things!

    Make sure you read this post so you know what changes to expect from this map.


    Space will be launching on Saturday 26th at 2 PM EST!
    (Click here to view the countdown!)

    Changes 📝
    The main thing that I think a lot of people liked about Space back in the day was that is was known as our "super OP realm" where people quite literally had tons of spawners. Recently, we have reduced this however, to add a little differentiation back into the realms and economies again, the Space realm is going to have some big economy changes.

    Spawners are going to be cheaper, sell prices will be higher. Essentially, the whole economy is going to be inflated. The Ore Mine will become a lot more worth your time, other things that generate you money such as Dungeons, Missions, Achievements etc will all obviously have their rewards heavily increased to match the economy.

    Spawner stacks are higher as well as max mob stacks. Tier 3 spawners will also be more accessible with higher percentages in crates and more available in the Limited Time Shop.

    Overall, I think it is a great change and something that a lot of our old players miss and loved.

    Quality of Life Changes
    Of course we have made a TON of small changes that don't deserve their own paragraph! Below is a list of all the changes, all still important and awesome that you should take a look over just so you know of the changes you can expect.
    • Add a /gems withdraw command to allow you to easily trade gems.
    • Moved the generators toggle command to /options.
    • Added /lts to see when the last limited time shop was.
    • Added /withdraw <amount> <quantity>
    • Added generator grades into crates
    • Bigger enchants added to kits, crates etc such as protection 8's.
    • Many, many more enchant levels to spend Gems on.
    • Personal mines have received a buff.
    • Spawner stacks increased to 100.
    • Max mob stack increased to 1000.
    • Buffed envoys to again make them a lot better.
    • Buffed pets again, including the Frog pet.
    • Improved our autoclicker detection.
    • Increased...

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