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Western Reset | Summer Map

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Western Reset - Saturday 15th at 2PM EST


    Well, here we are again with another reset for you. Last week, we asked you to vote on whether you wanted to see Mystic or Western reset next. You chose Mystic, so here we are the week after with our Western reset.

    Western is our only realm on MineSaga that we try and focus towards farming as much as we possibly can. We have made some good changes this map to hopefully increase this including expanded cactus chunks and a much higher sell multiplier on your cane wands.

    This will also bring all the other changes we have made to Kingdom, Space and Mystic to Western. We're getting close to the end of this season of resets now so if you are wanting to play, this is one of your last options!

    Content Changes
    Below is a full list of all the changes we have made to the Western realm. There are a few different changes that you can see on here compared to other realms so make sure you have read this all the way through!

    Cactus Chunk
    The Cactus Chunks have now been doubled in size. This is what you asked for so we have given it to you. They will still be just as common from crates, it will just make them a lot more valuable as they are exactly twice as good as before.

    QOL Changes
    • Better time formatting of /perks.
    • Added back the bulk buy for multiple stacks of spawners.
    • Added a god apple cooldown
    • You will now be combat tagged when you hit a mob in The Cave.
    • [item] will now work in /msg and island chat.
    • You will no longer be able to fly out of your island border but /border will still exist to toggle the visual border on and off.
    • You will now be able to get shards from envoys.
    • The team size has been reduced to 15.
    • Increased the rewards from harder skills like fishing.
    • More items, including spawners are added to the limited time shop.
    • Brand new build for personal mines.
    • Added rules for console clients to /rules.
    • Completely redone boss rewards.
    • KOTH is now back in the end.
    • New MiningWorld map and increased sell prices.
    • Panda pet has been heavily buffed and Frog pet slightly buffed.
    • Spawners will now be in stacks of 10.
    • Default mob stack is now 150.
    • Quests will now have a lot better rewards to encourage users to do them.
    • Updated the tutorial and skyblock guide with all the new information.
    • Made daily rewards from voting better and increased jackpot rewards.
    • Drops from undead mobs will be receive a much bigger sell boost during the Purgatory event.
    • Vaults have been completely reconfigured.
    • Fishing event will now offer more keys.
    • Farming event will now have higher sell prices.
    • Generator rates have been increased.
    • Changed our crates again, added new items and made Event keys better.
    • Decreased the XP...

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