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Changelog | February 16th

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone,

    We are finally done with our Skyblock resets, it will be nice for us to have a weekend off without having a launch to do! We're back hitting around 1,600+ players every day again now which is awesome. It really looks like you have enjoyed the changes. 2 weeks has passed so it is time for another changelog. As we are also now done with our resets, we can spend time working on bi-weekly updates again. More about this will be later.

    ● Economy booster from /boosters will now override the boost you get from being in the Gryffindor house on Mystic.
    ● Fixed issue where someone logging out during a Sumo duel caused the event to stall for an unknown amount of time.
    ● Fixed issue where 2FA codes on forums would sometimes fail to confirm.
    ● Changed the ore mine on western to the nerfed one as we missed it during setup.
    ● Fixed an issue where you could capture outpost with an immunity orb active.
    ● Fixed the prices of hay and sponge in the limited time shop on Western being incorrect.

    What updates do you want?
    As I said, we are now done with the skyblock resets so time can now be focused onto bi-weekly updates. After 2 years of pushing content, we really are struggling for ideas so we need your help. What updates do you want to see? We're looking for bigger updates, ones the size of Dungeons for instance. Please let us know, we need as much community feedback as possible! Have a discussion on this thread.

    That is all guys, see you in 2 weeks!

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