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  • Hey everyone! 👋

    It's finally time for us to announce what we've been working on for the last few months, The Back to Basics Update!

    We've been listening to your feedback, and one consistent note from a large part of our player base is to make the server more like it was when we first released, and to implement various features to replicate that experience. Whilst we can't simply bring back that gameplay entirely, we've decided to make the perfect combination of old and new, resulting in the Back to Basics update!

    Back to Basics will launch on...

    Saturday, 11th of April at 2:00 PM ET
    (You can search 2 PM ET in Google to see when in your timezone -- this is for all realms excluding Prison)

    Skyblock 🏝
    We've decided to add, remove and change a variety of content in the Back to Basics Update. These are primarily things that we think are unused, too complicated or things that we generally believe are making the server worse.

    We've decided to try and make the economy as close to the original resets as possible. This ties into various other changes we've made such as mob stack limit lowered, spawner stacking removed, crop growth rates increased and more. (that can all be found below)

    Experience is now our second currency and has essentially fully replaced both points and mob coins. I'll make a quick list of bullets with the specific changes we've made to XP.
    • Limited time shop will now have items you can buy w/ experience
    • Mobs will no longer drop experience
    • Blocks/ores have a low chance to drop experience
    • Endermite Spawners have been introduced, and they'll drop experience when they die -- the higher the level, the more they drop
    • Masks and Souls can now only be unlocked via the Experience Shop
    • Spawners can now be upgraded with experience instead of mob coins
    • Generator construction is now sped up with experience
    • XP crates have been removed

    We'll be promoting the server in a number of different ways, including YouTubers! Who do you want to see record on MineSaga? (can be an old face or a new one!)

    Mines now allows you to have your own private/personal mine, and earn cash and experience by mining. You can let other people use your mine and tax them a certain amount of money and experience from what they gain, allowing for passive income! You can view all available mines with /mines.

    Removal of Content
    We've decided to remove a lot of content that we felt was unused or complex.
    • Mob Coins
    • Points
    • Splash Boosters
    • Mob Arena
    • Spawner Stacking
    • Hall of Heroes
    • Gangs
    • Runes
    • Ore Mine
    • Mall
    • Nether
    • T4 Hoppers
    • T4 Spawners
    • Valuable Farming
    • /showcase
    • /blocktop
    • End Supply Drops
    • Condense Time Wand
    • Minion Loot Booster...

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