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Mystic Reset

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hey everyone! 👋

    As another week goes by, it is time for another reset, the 2nd in this season of Skyblock. We have made a lot of changes in this upcoming map, a lot of which are aimed towards making the realm less AFK based and more player based. We hope you enjoy all the changes we have made. That being said, this realm launches on...

    Saturday, 30th of May at 2:00 PM ET
    (You can search in Google for this time in your timezone)

    Now you know when it is happening, let me show you what to expect!

    Changes 🔨

    We've worked on making our changes based on your feedback from the Back to Basics revamp.
    • Nuker will now work in mines
    • Crates and their chances have been completely redesigned
    • Spawner Stacking has been introduced with a cap of ten
    • There is now a more expensive spawner that'll drop island level blocks
    • Fly Vouchers have been added back to crates
    • Limited time shop will no longer happen on the hour
    • XP Shop will now have more items to buy, such as spawners
    • Skills have been made easier to level up
    • You will now get more keys from the fishing event
    • Farming Event prices have been increased and will happen every 4 hours
    • Skills have been heavily improved
    • Purgatory sell prices have been improved
    • Arena prices have been improved
    • Endermite XP has been decreased
    • /shop has been slightly tweaked
    • Realm Vaults have been greatly improved
    • Private Mine sell prices have been improved and will scale with the economy
    • Mission Rewards have been improved
    • Envoy Rewards are now much better
    • Pets, such as Turtle and Panda, are now more useful to encourage farming by hand
    • Crops will sell for a lot more (not just Cactus)
    • You'll now receive XP instead of levels from all places
    • Island Prestiges are more expensive but will give higher hopper limits
    • Achievement Rewards are now better
    • Mining World is now better
    • Vote Jackpot is now better
    • The hole in Dungeons have been removed
    • Valuable blocks have been added to Cobble Gens
    • XP Spawners are now more expensive
    • Event Keys now give better rewards
    • /delivery rewards are much better
    • Silverfish amount in Dungeons have been halved
    • PVP Arena is back to our original arena
    • You will now get less Dungeon passes
    • Frog Pet has been nerfed
    • Economy has been fixed so Cactus is no longer the only way to make lots of cash

    We hope these changes are enough! Hopefully, you enjoy these, and once again, we've tried to base them off of your feedback.

    Prizes 🏆

    Prizes will be exactly the same as every other reset we do as we feel these are very fair and we do like giving out two PayPal rewards. If you do not know what these are, you will find them below.

    🥇 First Place: $100/week (PayPal) and $50/week...

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