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Kingdom Reset

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Kingdom Reset - 23rd March 2:00 PM EDT

    Hello everyone,

    What a few months we have had. We are extremely happy with the way these seasons have gone and would say it is the best Skyblock server we have ever put out to our players and you guys seem to think so too. Being the first map of our 2.0 launch, we have had a fair few issues but as of a few weeks ago everything we have found was resolved which has now given you the perfect Skyblock experience.

    We cannot wait for you to play the next maps as they come up as they will now be absoutely perfect and are the best maps we could possibly give to you guys at the moment. We really hope you try it out and enjoy the experience we have to offer for you! That being said, let's get on with the post!

    ⚙️ Changes

    As we said, we've been hard at work fixing issues that were bound to come up during our first maps. We've also made a lot of changes for the next map that you guys have suggested that you said you didn't really like about the way we currently had things. Below is a list of things that have changed from the current map to the next map.

    • Unstacked spawners will now not be beneficial to use as will only spawn 1 mob.
    • We've allowed you to /pay using letters such as /pay gullible 1m.
    • XP mine will be made better in terms of the XP multiplier and the items in the mine crates.
    • Outpost multiplier increased to 1.4x from 1.2x.
    • KOTH rewards have been increased to actually make it worth your time.
    • Added more decorative blocks to the shop like flowers, vines, ladders, etc.
    • Added more random things to the shop like trapped chests to the redstone shop.
    • Added sheep drops to the shop so they will actually sell.
    • Brand new spawn.
    • Added a mob arena NPC to spawn to allow you more people to see this feature.
    • Added Island Co Leaders to island ranks to give more flexibility.
    • Added an invite permission to island ranks so you can allow others to invite members.
    • Allowed emerald and diamond blocks to be stacked.
    • Added /bottlexp <amount> <quantity> so you don't have to spam withdrawls.
    • Tier 4 spawner upgrade (more on this later).
    • Allow you to buy mob coins with XP (more on this later).
    • Economy changes (more on this later).
    • Famous quest will now work with YouTube rank.
    • Some small changes to spawner upgrades and the extra drops mobs drop.
    • You will now get 1-3 mob coins from a mob in the mob arena rather than 1 before.
    • Raw meats added to mob drops shop.
    As you can see it is an awful lot of changes and we really hope you guys enjoy what this next map!

    💰Economy Changes

    As I'm sure a lot of you were aware, we wanted the aim of Kingdom realm to be more gold related, but it didn't really work out too well as people were just sticking to villagers anyway. This map, the economy...

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