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Kingdom Reset

By Config Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Hey everyone,

    I'm writing this post today to inform you all about the upcoming Kingdom reset.

    This is one of many upcoming resets and will feature a variety of changes that will feature on future realm resets. We're really excited about this phase of MineSaga and we truly believe that we've created the best Skyblock experience possible.

    Anyway, without further-a-doo, the reset is on...

    Saturday, 25th of May at 2:00 PM EDT
    (You can find this in your timezone by searching in Google)


    We've once again made quite a lot of changes to ensure that Kingdom has the best possible playing experience. We've made a list of all the changes below, and this may be subject to change.
    • Similar to Space, we have added a Beacon as an island value block which will be worth more than Hay.
    • Heavily increased the percentages of Tier 3 and 4 hoppers in crates, packages, bosses etc.
    • New things added to /shop and new prices.
    • Changed to points shop prices to accommodate a new update.
    • Buffed mine crates to make them a lot more valuable.
    • Removed XP shop (Please read below to see our changes to how to use XP).
    • Added /pay <name> all to allow for easier paying from alts.
    • Added island bank notifications to everyone on the island when someone withdraws or deposits money.
    • Added some loot to crates that are above the map kit to make loot worthwhile getting.
    • Heavily increased KOTH rewards to get things like spawners, points etc.
    • Heavily increased Envoy and supply drop rewards to contain spawners, points etc to encourage more PVP.
    • Added /is bank log to show the last 10 transactions.
    • Changed outpost so you do not need to stand on it to keep the booster, but a much longer capture time.
    • Tier 4 spawners will now condense poppies to 1 red terracotta.
    • Allowed the use of letters in /is withdraw/deposit.
    • After purchasing an item on /ah, you will be set back to the current page rather than closing the GUI.
    • Added /events toggle to toggle event messages.
    • Made envoys toggle persist after reboots/relogging.
    • Deployed a new minions version which will turn minions into Armour stands and stop them moving with Attack All.
    • Added an island permission to do /is level.
    • New Mob Arena and Mining world concept (Read below).
    • Mining World will actually have great value to it now.
    As you keep suggesting more ideas on our suggestions thread, we will probably add them too. Keep an eye on this post to see any more things we add to this to get them done for the launch!

    New Spawners
    You will see a big change in spawners this season. You will see new mob types coming to the shop such as Silverfish spawners. You will also see different kind of upgraded spawners such as spawners that automatically drop...

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