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MineSaga | Space Reset

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone,

    It hardly feels like any time at all we did our last space reset however it will have been 9 weeks this weekend! This time last week we asked you for ideas on what you want to see on this series of resets. Thank you all so much for any ideas given. There were so many ideas which was awesome. Unfortunately we won't be able to please everyone, for example some people want Dungeons removed, others don't but we have done our best to hit the middle ground to make the network as good as it can be. All I will say is, if your changes did not get added in this reset, do not worry. There is a lot more coming over the next few months...

    Now that is out the way, I can tell you that our Space realm will be resetting this Saturday at 2 PM EST! We have had a hard weeks working getting all the features together so we could get you it as soon as possible instead of keeping you waiting. We really are proud of this and are very happy with the amount of work we have put into this to give you guys what you want.

    Cool Text - Space will be resetting on Saturday 18th at 2 PM EST 346484334708460.png

    Of course, just like any other update, we will have a giveaway going on. However, this reset will be a little different. Rather than it being on Twitter, this one will take place in Discord. You will see this post be posted in our Announcements channel to announce the reset. All you will need to do is react to that post with a ❤ to enter. We have done a lot of giveaways on our Twitter so it is only fair that we do some in Discord for those that do not have a Twitter account.

    We have been through over 10 Space spawns since we launched and it is a shame to see some of our builds be used for a map and then go down the drain. This map we will be bringing back one of the old spawns! If anyone wants to find some screenshots of the spawn you think it may be, post them below and if you are right I might DM you a small giftcard!

    Lets put it this way, there are a lot of changes. When we go from map to map throughout our ".0" seasons, we do not usually make a lot of changes, if any at all. This series of resets is different. We have made so many changes and we can't wait for you to try them out. A list of everything we have changed will be below as well as any information you need to know about the features such as different multipliers etc. Read carefully as these new features will effect the way you play and will make or break your Island Top position.

    So, essentially what most people wanted was us to go back to 1.0 however, as...

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