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Recent content by WolfTheGirl

  1. WolfTheGirl


    sad times
  2. WolfTheGirl

    A Message to ALL intop team leaders

    hm this sounds interesting
  3. WolfTheGirl

    Accepted _DetectiveShadow's Staff Application [Taiwan]

    hm I let this be idk for me
  4. WolfTheGirl

    Denied Erwin's Staff App

    -1 add more to it maybe
  5. WolfTheGirl

    Accepted IAmSlime's Staff Application EU

    again? im just gonna +1 this even tho i don't play anymore good luck and I know you can be a good staff member
  6. WolfTheGirl

    Good Bye again

    I will be on discord still talked to but will miss all the friends I made here
  7. WolfTheGirl

    Good Bye again

    I will miss you keep in tough!
  8. WolfTheGirl

    Good Bye again

    I have my reasons I will miss you all
  9. WolfTheGirl


    I will miss you please keep in tough
  10. WolfTheGirl

    Bye Everyone...

    Will miss you
  11. WolfTheGirl

    Good Bye again

    I will miss you too keep in touch
  12. WolfTheGirl

    Good Bye again

    Hey all I came back for a few weeks not long but I lost all fun for playing I would like to thank all the people I meet here but its time I leave for good I will still talk on discord. but wont play online anymore here is some people I would like to thank for meeting here Ozaqu- I know you are...
  13. WolfTheGirl

    Jaapiseenaap's Staff App

    you wont have any luck with something that short tbh
  14. WolfTheGirl

    Denied ShotOhioPlaysMC's Staff App

    also you can put two quotes in one msg
  15. WolfTheGirl

    Jaapiseenaap's Staff App

    -1 new to forms -1 not enough details (would look at the accepted apps)