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Recent content by Tono__

  1. Tono__


    I personally asked about this, and apparently, there is no global placeholder for this making it impossible :(
  2. Tono__

    Some Suggestions

    i had the same idea a while ago. although it is easily fixed by well, eating, I still find it annoying +1
  3. Tono__

    Hi there!

    Hi there
  4. Tono__

    Kingdom Reset

  5. Tono__

    What do you want?

    oh and 1.12+ with 1.8 pvp
  6. Tono__

    What do you want?

    For a while, the economy has been very similar. Even though I just said that the economy should change, I don't mean that drastically. Mainly where my idea of change comes in is the way you get money. It has always been cactus, and this, for obvious reasons makes it a hard play for anyone who...
  7. Tono__

    What do you want?

    Can’t wait! One thing I would love to see is the addition of the nether. I would love to see this happen but not in a way we would expect. The offer of a different dimension could hold lots of opportunity for making it a unique experience. And in general, if Im being honest, I think it’s time...
  8. Tono__

    Island Whitelist

    If you have them on the island, add them, and the proceed to lock it, it should be good.
  9. Tono__

    Island Whitelist

    You can keep your island on lock and use /is alt add (player) to have alts bypass the island lock. This way you keep all the players you want out, and keep your alts on the island. As for setting homes, I believe it should be not allowed unless you are cooped. By that point, the player cooped...
  10. Tono__

    Suggestion for /crates

    I believe the preview page is ordered by chance. Highest chance to lowest chance going down the GUI. I think this is enough to give you an idea of the chances and a percentage is unneeded.
  11. Tono__

    A way how to undo a fast place

    Really like this idea +1
  12. Tono__

    Printer mode

    It is a good idea but I agree with what piggy said. And i don’t think they will be giving anyone creative any time soon because it opens a new door for new bugs to be found
  13. Tono__

    Western Reset | Summer Map

    cant wait!
  14. Tono__

    Arcade Update

    Yess! Thank you Owner Gullible
  15. Tono__

    1 Bug report 1 Suggestion

    Bug: I did a trade with someone on Kingdom for a mine pickaxe (the one upgraded with /pickaxe). This is kind of a dupe because I was given their pickaxe that I can store in my pv, and the other person just gets it again when they warp to the mines, so technically there is infinite amounts of...