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Recent content by Take

  1. Take

    Accepted kayla's Staff App

    Vouch, as the best ex Senior Moderator, Kayla will be a valuable asset to the MineSaga staff team. She has my vouch
  2. Take

    Take's Sup

  3. Take

    Take's Sup

  4. Take

    Take's Sup

    Sup, I'm Take Was best Sr Mod Nobody can take my place I'm African From America Love water Drinking coke rn Best Admin is Yoshi Goodbye for another couple months
  5. Take

    Dwoof isn’t on the staff team

    gg dont be immature!
  6. Take

    Felt cute, might delete later

  7. Take

    Denied The seahorse goes Nnayy.

    I got chills... +1
  8. Take

    Denied Discord Appeal

    Give me a kick at most and warn me. I swear if this was System or something. I just think you hate me dude. You literally hate me and will find any reason to punish me.
  9. Take

    Denied Discord Appeal

    ● Minecraft Username Take ● Which member of staff punished you? ? ● Why exactly were you punished? ? ● Why do you believe the punishment should be revoked? I didn't even do anything wrong in the discord I was just randomly banned. Please don't tell me I was banned for saying slapper when slapper...
  10. Take

    Denied Pathed's Staff Application.

    It has to be ALL original. Doesn't matter if you wrote it. Each app has to be new. You can't reuse anything
  11. Take

    Denied Pathed's Staff Application.

    -1 App is nice and all but you literally reused most of the stuff from your old app and that's an insta deny. https://www.minesaga.org/threads/aqyaplays%E2%80%99-staff-application.23091/
  12. Take

    Denied Bisects' Staff Application

    +1 I don't think forum activity matters until you become staff. I didn't have much forum activity when I applied and I got accepted in less than 4 hours. I think your app is good and your experience is great as well. Just be active on the server and you'll be fine. Good luck!
  13. Take

    Denied SatlaBeN' Staff Application

    Imma keep it real with you... This will be denied for the following reasons It's short You're lying about what servers you've been staff on The amount of time you can dedicate is ridiculous and you'd never follow through with it Good luck though
  14. Take

    Staff application tips.

    Epic gamer moment...
  15. Take

    Sad day for the boys