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Recent content by SwiftESwiftE

  1. SwiftESwiftE

    /shop buy item command

    ehh would be too op with cactus farms +0.5
  2. SwiftESwiftE

    [Suggestion] [MARVEL] [DUNGEONS]

    +1 sounds like a good idea
  3. SwiftESwiftE

    IS Top Suggestion

    Just please remove this kinda retarded that its still in the game
  4. SwiftESwiftE

    Sell portals

    well not when you have school and you cant be online every 4 hours to change them so
  5. SwiftESwiftE

    Sell portals

    well when you have alot of spawners and you start getting overflow not a problem with sell portals you can have as many spawners as you like just saying kinda unfair for the people that cant be online 24 7 to activate them
  6. SwiftESwiftE

    Sell portals

    I have a island of 2 people me and my friend i trust very much and sell portals are literally making us fall behind because only the big teams with the people that can stay online to activate sell portals are the ones with the highest payouts i would recommend making a way of people that cant be...
  7. SwiftESwiftE

    Island Bug

    are you the island leader
  8. SwiftESwiftE

    IS Top Suggestion

    i would agree to remove this man i hate having to run an alt to place those things so annoying enderman spawners all over again +1
  9. SwiftESwiftE


    +1 this sounds like a good way to get is top peoples farms
  10. SwiftESwiftE

    bennyboi's Staff App

    -1 no detail
  11. SwiftESwiftE

    Closed Pointshop

    Maybe add the spawner upgrade wand and the condense time wand into the /pointshop not to low maybe like 10k points or something i would love a way to get them instead of buying them or opening up a ton of crates looking for the upgrade wand Skyclaw already suggested this and gullible said after...
  12. SwiftESwiftE


    its really just luck
  13. SwiftESwiftE

    All Skyblock Suggestions

    i would love for them to add if you open crates it just gives you keys instead of shards
  14. SwiftESwiftE

    All Skyblock Suggestions

    well when your in arena opening crates for hours apon hours its really not grinding at the point your just afking so