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Recent content by SwiftESwiftE

  1. SwiftESwiftE

    Eggs and snowballs

    make eggs and snowballs not being able to be thrown at /warp pvp or /warp end
  2. SwiftESwiftE

    Denied Gqe's Player Report

    Realm Mystic Username SwiftESwiftE Their Username Gqe Punishment Perm muted for saying what exactly lolz Proof https://i.imgur.com/twdL6ga.png Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  3. SwiftESwiftE

    Do something about outpost please

    Or make decapping outpost longer :)
  4. SwiftESwiftE

    Do something about outpost please

    People from other realms random teams that just wanna have fun and decap outpost and annoy you new players just like to decap outpost for fun please do something about this so they can’t keep coming back in /kit starter every 2 seconds and to decap it’s just annoying at this point
  5. SwiftESwiftE

    Some suggestions.

    I like the hopper limit getting a buff but there is other ways to kill villagers and such
  6. SwiftESwiftE

    Saga Rank

    I like the idea of paying a certain amount of money each month until you pay the full amount very nice idea +1
  7. SwiftESwiftE

    IMPORTANT What do you want?

    They shouldn’t change mining skill or any skill you can upgrade by afking
  8. SwiftESwiftE

    IMPORTANT What do you want?

    That sounds fun I would play that
  9. SwiftESwiftE

    IMPORTANT What do you want?

    Well for example people have more than 10 players on some islands there not just gonna kick there island members because there is a limit
  10. SwiftESwiftE


    It’s called me making up random numbers 😂 I’m not gonna go to the cave to count how often mobs spawn
  11. SwiftESwiftE

    IMPORTANT What do you want?

    Even if that happend I would just have two islands with 10 people on each if we had 20 members
  12. SwiftESwiftE

    IMPORTANT What do you want?

    Buff cave a bit buff dungeons and make them more worth to do and have different gameplay each dungeon for example new boss new parkour each round or something
  13. SwiftESwiftE

    The Cave Suggestions :)

    +1 nice ideas
  14. SwiftESwiftE


    so your telling me a whole cave with maybe 30+ ore spots is alot for 5 people going at once and 2 mobs every 5mins is enough lolz
  15. SwiftESwiftE


    Add more ores add more mobs make the ores you mine like miningworld so when you leave you get all the money you get from mining the ore at once and have the ores sell for more to