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Recent content by SickenerGod

  1. SickenerGod

    Iron Golem Spawns Decreased?

    Your getting PUN-ishment for that pun boi
  2. SickenerGod

    dose anyone know how to make an iron golime farm

    I checked his history hes not LOL
  3. SickenerGod

    Closed MesterJoaquin admitting to hacks!

    No proof hes hacking... LOL just dont owrry about making a report
  4. SickenerGod

    Closed Fix command suggestion!

    I would hate it if the non-runners would be able to mid-battle /fix their stuff... all non ranks love to run :P
  5. SickenerGod

    Closed Different tiers of hoppers (Tier I, II , III)

    I wish that this will change into 64/s without 300k...
  6. SickenerGod

    dose anyone know how to make an iron golime farm

    This is a joke LOL the grammer makes u sound 2 LOL
  7. SickenerGod

    Closed remove blocks from basic, advanced, and experience crates.

    multiblocks and explosive pickaxes were supposed to be rare but they were put in crates, so +1 on removing those but the iron and gold blocks onlt need to be removed or balenced.
  8. SickenerGod

    Closed Scammed 10 mil (Proof!)

    I dont care i showed i was scammed of 10 mil... did u look at the screenshots?
  9. SickenerGod

    Closed Scammed 10 mil (Proof!)

    IGN im reporting: Julius_Ceser10 Reason: Scamming 10 mil Proof: https://gyazo.com/c72d5118fafc79af936e3450d1f9bb86
  10. SickenerGod

    Closed XPShop

    + 1
  11. SickenerGod

    Closed Gold Sword Stacking in chests or complete drop removal

    Make a filter system lol
  12. SickenerGod

    Denied [Staff Application] xTekBlue's

    Good luck! you seem experienced
  13. SickenerGod

    Closed Stop Closing Threads

    *Casually AgentTroll closes the thread*
  14. SickenerGod

    Closed Island Expansion

    Itll get fixed soon
  15. SickenerGod

    Closed Who Needs Gold Swords

    Cool ;-; i love golden swords