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Recent content by qres

  1. qres

    Denied SenpaiKin's Staff App

    Work on grammatical correctness throughout this application, I have spotted numerous spelling errors and or punctuation errors. I haven't seen how you act so I'm not going to comment on your age. Just know I hope you're mature enough as well as mentally prepared. I do not mean to be negatively...
  2. qres

    Staff App Vxzze

    Fix grammatical issues, could use more elaboration in certain areas i.e. "Explain." Good luck.
  3. qres

    Good bye i quit

    Quite frankly I don't know you if I was active in the past few months maybe I would. Sorry you get called these things and want to leave. Best wishes
  4. qres

    Denied Discord Ban Appeal

    ● Username: Noah#7748 ● Which member of staff punished you? Penquins ● Why exactly were you punished? Not entirely sure? ● Why do you believe the punishment should be revoked? I don't recall calling someone a "little boy" while joking around, a punishable offense. I believe I am not in the...
  5. qres

    Let's Save The Amazon (Charity Event)

    Bruh face
  6. qres

    Howdy Folk

    Welcome back home slice!
  7. qres

    Well this is sad.

    Just wait a few days/weeks and you'll see them full :)
  8. qres

    Thank you!!

    Agreed. I used to play this server way back in Kingdom season one I believe, it's been a while haha. I agree this website is very clean and professional!
  9. qres

    Hey :)

    Hey :)
  10. qres

    Auto Commands While AFK (HALP NEEDED)

    Use Console client, if you play around with it you can make it type more than one command.
  11. qres

    Colins PixelArt

    Colin_ wants to fuck.
  12. qres

    Closed Fix all.

    The command /fix all. Hello MineSaga, I am qres, I'm an earl rank here. The reason I am posting this is as the title implies is fix all. The command fix all has been useful to MANY pvpers. The reason for this is because you could fix all your gear in combat and fights would last a whole lot...
  13. qres

    qres's weird forums posts

    Yes, that's how it went.
  14. qres

    Changelog | 18th April

    /roulette and /jackpot are added now we have cf, jp, and roulette,