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Recent content by opdeadbush2

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    Denied Fearlessoreo's Staff App

    -1 seems like it was written in 5 minutes
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    The Cave Suggestions :)

    +1000 would be great!
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    IMPORTANT What do you want?

    Create more ways to get rankups, aside from the arduous process of getting rank vouchers, such as getting red and purple ranks as a rare drop from bosses. Also, on a related side note, it would be quite funny to see all ranks, maybe even legend and saga, put into crates, say, for a 0.00001%...
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    Angel block

    If it’s possible, big +1
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    2 Suggestions...

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    48L's Staff App

    +1 good app
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    Denied haruto_06's Staff App

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    Enchantment Orbs - Suggestion

    +1 sounds fun
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    New CommonTag Suggestion

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    Minions and Minion upgrades in lts

    -1 they are already common in crates
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    Denied Trainer_Wolf's Staff Application

    Nice app +1
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    Conquest and egg event

    Same +1
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