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Recent content by opdeadbush2

  1. opdeadbush2

    Goodbye MineSaga

  2. opdeadbush2

    Denied OhiBrahim's Staff App

    +1 give him a chance
  3. opdeadbush2

    Western Reset

  4. opdeadbush2

    [BUG REPORTS] Space

    ok firstly the envoys are like 2 chests and that seems super broken and also the advanced shards u get from envoys dont stack with the ones from delivery Also when I tried to do the 'craft gold leggings' mission for some reason it didn't work even after I tried several times
  5. opdeadbush2

    Some Suggestions

  6. opdeadbush2


    Maybe make fishing only on synced accounts then 🤨
  7. opdeadbush2

    giveaway (ends on 23th of sep)

    Why the name change?
  8. opdeadbush2

    semi auto wheat farms

    what design is your farm?
  9. opdeadbush2

    Denied OhiBrahim's Staff App

    cool guy, +1
  10. opdeadbush2

    Kingdom Reset

    looks amazing