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Recent content by monkeyman2534

  1. monkeyman2534

    Closed Scamming

    thanks man its not looking good rn I think but I just want him banned tbh
  2. monkeyman2534

    Closed Scamming

    the trading thing is down so no he dropped them to me and I payed him
  3. monkeyman2534

    Closed Scamming

    Player's name: Popcorn48x Reason why I think they should be banned: the reason why I think they should be banned is because they used 2 fake keys to scam me of 1.5mil Proof: https://gyazo.com/462d275251e84dcdfb5dccdeaa697c6f <-------- the proof of him trying to sell them to me...
  4. monkeyman2534

    Closed Trying to ah scam.... another one

    Player: Cupcakegarroth Reason: Don't know how dumb people are and them trying to ah scam people Proof : https://gyazo.com/a10bbd485f29b673363f76bb9c515510
  5. monkeyman2534

    Closed Trying to ah scam

    Player: Neonbryan Reason: I just don't know why people try this retarded way to try and scam people Proof: https://gyazo.com/be9b9c9d285cf0f8d78a73ba6dc58599
  6. monkeyman2534

    Closed Ban appeal on discord

    Discord name: Nigward#3097 Who banned me? Tbh I don't even know I think one of the owners Reason: I put kys on peoples post for laughs reason why I want to be unbanned is because I thought they where just going to warn me about that but I now know that there is no warning lol I learned a lot C:
  7. monkeyman2534

    Closed Racism

    Player name:XTheLuckySe7enYT Reason: because this is just not right to do and he was spamming it Proof: https://gyazo.com/e131c4e8ffbbad46b19752cddc029a08
  8. monkeyman2534


    I was wondering when could I get unbanned lol idk how to get unbanned on discord sooooooo yea.