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Recent content by Mimmee

  1. Mimmee

    Denied scir's Staff App

    +1 online a lot
  2. Mimmee

    Island Names

    I think duplicate island names shouldn't be allowed because it appears as if your island has outpost when another island with the same name has it.
  3. Mimmee


  4. Mimmee

    What do you want?

    new late game spawner and minions could give mobcoins
  5. Mimmee

    What do you want?

    your just mad you get railed in pvp
  6. Mimmee

    Closed Add /blockstack back

    why not have it saves time?
  7. Mimmee

    Closed Add /blockstack back

    I think the command /blockstack should be added back since it allows easy transfer of island values also lets your island be a lot more organized.
  8. Mimmee

    Accepted Possible reach?

  9. Mimmee

    /Creeper command

    ah true i guess
  10. Mimmee

    /Creeper command

    from side to side
  11. Mimmee

    /Creeper command

    So we back in the mine
  12. Mimmee

    /Creeper command

    its never to far
  13. Mimmee

    /Creeper command

  14. Mimmee

    /Creeper command

    /Creeper command would put a message on each realm and the first person to time aw man would win an advanced key.
  15. Mimmee

    Denied Benzorzz harassing me

    The realm this occurred on: Western Your Minecraft username: Mimmee Minecraft Username of the player in question: Benzorzz Why do you believe the player should be punished? I believe he is a danger to other people he makes remarks that make me feel very uncomfortable and he makes death threats...