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  1. KiterBry

    Printer mode

    Nope, but I agree with unknown if cactus items and island levels are banned it would be really chill especially for complicated pixel art or builds in general.
  2. KiterBry

    Take a look at our epic staff applicant.

    Mtg ban evading or someone stupid enough to try to be funny.
  3. KiterBry

    Take a look at our epic staff applicant.

    Can I hire you to find my dad too?
  4. KiterBry

    Denied paul200540's Staff App

    Tbh idk why you would even try to become staff, lack of detail. -1 delete this thread already
  5. KiterBry

    Denied dep0125's Staff App

    -1, application is shit, never seen you online at all on mystic, lack of detail and vanity is shit so experience (even if it's true you were staff there) wouldn't count.
  6. KiterBry

    Denied RR1076's Staff App

    Get your head out of your ass, post the screenshots or stop talking bullshit.
  7. KiterBry

    Kongeroid's Player Report

    This is utter bs. He doesn't hack, so he shouldn't be banned. If there's evidence let staff handle it but I highly doubt it because Kong just has a weird ping.
  8. KiterBry

    Denied RR1076's Staff App

    Always on, always helping people out and a genuinely nice person. Get this man helper! +1
  9. KiterBry


    I quote "no no that's a friend of mine" Cool, good work buddy.
  10. KiterBry

    Hai ;3

    Nobody asked.
  11. KiterBry

    Hai ;3

    If mtg doesn't apply first ye bet.
  12. KiterBry

    Hai ;3

    Ight so how about we boycot this thread in hopes this person will just leave and not bother any of us with this bullshit? They're just a troll don't give them attention, it'll leave their racist ass craving more.
  13. KiterBry


    Oh no that sucks man... Hope you fare well❤
  14. KiterBry

    Hai ;3

    Ight that settles it you're a troll
  15. KiterBry


    Even if you could redeem 2 it would be 7 days from the point of the last one to be redeemed