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  1. firesteel4

    My resignation

    Cya, and I know you did have fun playing Murder Mystery or you wouldnt of stayed up till 3AM with me playing it for 5 hours. Or laughed a lot when I didnt get Murderer.....
  2. firesteel4

    Cya guys!

  3. firesteel4

    MineSaga | Space Reset

    https://gyazo.com/8f0339f4901372baeaffae903135c48c The one from when we had HCF YT's play, where Taliban was on Space Realm. I remember it was like you walked straight and there was a plane on the left.
  4. firesteel4

    I dont want my rank anymore.

    You cant give out ranks you have already used.
  5. firesteel4

    /alt [PLAYER]|on|off

    Would be a waste of time to implement, and would not really help anybody, our time could be better spent doing things to make the server more fun.
  6. firesteel4

    Denied No_Hax_Just_Pro Punishment Appeal

    Denied Thats not even a real discord. https://gyazo.com/543b5a3d460c64235883676186e65cbf
  7. firesteel4

    Denied No_haxs_just_pro's Punishment Appeal

    LOCKED Hello No_Haxs_just_pro this thread is now pending administrative review!
  8. firesteel4


  9. firesteel4

    Denied pIxel4oBg's Player Report

    DENIED Not punishable. It was his generator.
  10. firesteel4

    Denied SkilledVolt's Punishment Appeal

    LOCKED Pending Administrative Review
  11. firesteel4

    Changes to bosses

    -1. Bosses are supposed to be a bit challenging, that why they are called bosses. We have golden apples, and as long as your smart about it, you shouldn't be able to die. For the second suggestion, I would again disagree because a lot of player use the bosses to kill their alts rapidly to get...
  12. firesteel4

    MineSaga | 2 Years Later

    Staff with the most punishments over the past year. 1-5?
  13. firesteel4

    Owner Review pIxel4oBg's Punishment Appeal

    LOCKED Hello pIxel4oBg! This thread is now LOCKED and pending owner review.
  14. firesteel4

    Mods in dungeons

    -1, would just be a waste of time. Every time a staff resigns or a new one gets added, there would have to be a change made.
  15. firesteel4

    My resignation