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  1. FalconGamingYT

    something they should add in the minesaga shop

    No, and u should stop post farming as a lot of people have noticed this (if ur trying to do this to apply for staff it ain't gonna work). No, because its a premium perk they don't want everyone to have
  2. FalconGamingYT


    Whoops a typo
  3. FalconGamingYT

    edaniel557 (aka KozmeticYT) Needs to be stopped

    Lol I tested his little kid skills he got pretty mad xD
  4. FalconGamingYT

    Most may know us and some may not... Anyways Howdy!

    Wassup and Hi I guess (you could know me by my old IGN: FalconGamingYT like my forums name :P) in the times where people got ddos'd cuz of DaDev -.- Don't Play Jurassic tho, but some of my m8's do (Ruby & Matty)
  5. FalconGamingYT

    This is the end :sad_face:

    Gonna Miss u I guess will I C u in Aaron's discord some time?
  6. FalconGamingYT


    Wow this is an amazing thing to do for the community Great Idea! (idk what u should get tho)
  7. FalconGamingYT

    Koen's FIRST EVER Introduction.. Here we go

    Sorry m8 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. FalconGamingYT

    Koen's FIRST EVER Introduction.. Here we go

    Tbh I hate mango 😅
  9. FalconGamingYT

    Bug Dungeons

    In the dungeons, there are stone blocks which makes sense but there's 1 problem involved in this and that is that silverfish clip into stone blocks and make massive holes, because of this I got stuck in a 3 deep hole without the jump boost effect and had to somehow get the boss in the hole aswell 😩
  10. FalconGamingYT

    Palidan Bug

    sorry but how is this a video of u showing how to do this glitch, Gullible clearly stated he wanted a video with how to do it
  11. FalconGamingYT

    Another Grammar mistake

    Thank-Q lel
  12. FalconGamingYT

    Another Grammar mistake

    This happens every time It shows the message (every 30sec)
  13. FalconGamingYT

    Another Grammar mistake

    Basically Look in chat where it says "There is KOTH time left on 01:00" I think the words KOTH and 01:00 should be switched around
  14. FalconGamingYT

    Accepted DaBronzeToaster's Staff App

    I like Your application but you really shouldn't ask people to review ur staff application, because you asked me to check your staff application i give you a neutral rating
  15. FalconGamingYT

    rawr team

    Draw Ur Friends