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Recent content by Ainz

  1. Ainz

    MineSaga | Missions

    it says island levels to crate keys so can be anything
  2. Ainz

    Closed Hopper

    I don'T want 200% boost that was wrong suggestion lol maybe that upgrade only works with hoppers
  3. Ainz

    Closed Hopper

    I want a late game option to use hoppers. Current 150% loot buff on minions make them the only option. -You can add 5th upgrade option to spawners to make them permanently drop 50% extra loot with a lot of mobcoins (with current eco getting a lot of mobcoins is not easy) -You can add...
  4. Ainz

    suggestions for next map

    That's normal that donators has an advantage for few weeks but you'll eventually get "free payouts" after couple weeks like you already make real money from game,asking for more is just selfish lol :D
  5. Ainz

    suggestions for next map

    I guess you can't do math
  6. Ainz

    Closed General

    I can inside an island without that and getting caught+I want it because I accidently cleared my villagers before and this is not something big and would make life a little easier I have no idea why you think it's bad lol + you can just take stuff out of chest and break the chest and put block...
  7. Ainz


    IGN:DoItNowOrNever I want 350$ worth of tags if I win
  8. Ainz

    Closed General

    /ci filter + chest clear wand+/cc filter
  9. Ainz

    Changelog | February 16th

    Global Time Shop activator needs 100.000 mobcoins and everyone can donate coins to trigger it.But it only opens for 2 hours and 8 hours cooldown but still random limited shops.
  10. Ainz

    Changelog | February 16th

    Make it so bosses drop points instead of paper cash because there is a limit of killing boss/per day like Idk 1 person could only kill like 50 bosses and couldn't do that everyday so that can be good for point trade
  11. Ainz

    Changelog | February 16th

    Random gens are nerfed enough at mystic we haven't got payback of what we spent on random gens but adventure and pfand already caught us and probably will beat us next week,so don't nerf them anymore,he just want to win earlier next season :D
  12. Ainz

    Changelog | February 16th

    Make it so minions drop the extra loot on to floor
  13. Ainz

    MineSaga | Kingdom Reset

    gl hf
  14. Ainz

    MineSaga | Jurassic Reset

    hyped good luck everyone who will compete for istop
  15. Ainz

    MineSaga's Story - Two Year Anniversary

    nice to see you motivated