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Recent content by kendl

  1. K

    Help me find the Ex-Staff TriKill

    thanks pengu, but sadly he dont have that username or deleted the account now
  2. K

    Help me find the Ex-Staff TriKill

    I've been trying to find TriKIll for the past 10 month. I cannot find any information associated with him, not even discord. He went "vanished" for at least a year and a half. I know he is probably a controversial guy, but he's one of my best friend during my time playing minesaga. He treated...
  3. K

    Denied Nero_f's Staff App

    lack of details, no activity, no prior experience, bit too young (but is allowed according to the minimum age limitation so), and definitely troll app. I'd say -2.
  4. K

    Bye Minesaga

    bye bye sj. hope u have a good day or night
  5. K

    accurate ratings

    looks like you're going on a war with Googl again huh
  6. K

    Denied NotAKoalaBear's Staff App

    Yeah +1 good luck koala
  7. K

    Denied OhiBrahim's Staff App

    I mean yeah they should give you a shot, might be good might be bad, still +1. Gl
  8. K

    Yea bye

    That Kiterbye hits hard mate... cya. We’ll still be in touch through discord!
  9. K

    Denied MasonM2516's Staff App

    OOF, that secret bold font really hits it
  10. K

    semi auto wheat farms

    Can you describe the situation more clearly? Like put a screenshot/ video here so staffs can "probably" fix it ASAP
  11. K

    Hi there!

    i remember u as a staff
  12. K

    Share your setup

    i use my play station 2 to play minecraft
  13. K

    Denied Rejected's Staff App

    woah detective popydash comin at ya
  14. K

    Jurassic Reset | Summer Map

    cant wait till... wait no one talks there why am i waiting
  15. K

    A way how to undo a fast place

    gr8 idea, and its Therefore