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Recent content by 48L

  1. 48L

    Boss Suggestions

    This does seem interesting, given that it be balanced and not too under/overpowered.
  2. 48L

    Space Reset | Summer Map

    Looks very cool!
  3. 48L

    End Idea

    This concept seems intriguing, however I personally think the prizes would definetly need to be reduced as having them be that overpowered could have a negative effect on the server's economy.
  4. 48L

    Kingdom Reset | Summer Map

    This looks great!
  5. 48L

    Accepted 48L's Staff App

    Thanks for the feedback. To clarify, I was owner on CosmicTest. While this & StellarPvP were owned by the same person, I had no ownership over StellarPvP. Essentially over time what happened was that (a few months after me leaving) both StellarPvP and CosmicTest were collapsing in playercount...
  6. 48L

    Closed [Unofficial] PRISON OUTLAW RELEASE

    This seems very interesting. One additional thing I'd suggest is having PvP be a significant part of the realm. Maybe something like the implementation of an Outpost which if captured would give a multiplier on your team's revenues, a KoTH which would give a range of rewards if taken and a...
  7. 48L

    Accepted 48L's Staff App

    Thanks for the feedback!
  8. 48L

    IMPORTANT What do you want?

    These are cool, particularly the Gems/Coin things and the generators for them. I think this would be a very interesting feature to have. Regarding the shops for them, it'd be cool to see the ability to buy shards/keys and other valuable items. Both the gems & coins should be very rare, however...
  9. 48L

    Accepted 48L's Staff App

  10. 48L

    Cave Suggestions

    Cave Suggestions - The higher your rank, the higher the chances of you getting rare items. (From killing mobs and mining ores) - In the post, it mentioned that ores/mobs drop enchant books. I propose that new enchants are made which can only be obtained through the caves. These...
  11. 48L

    The Cave

    Looks very interesting, can't wait to check it out!
  12. 48L

    Accepted 48L's Staff App

    Thanks for the feedback. I should let you know that I am on Forums virtually the whole day, mainly viewing reports and/or suggestions.
  13. 48L

    Accepted 48L's Staff App

  14. 48L

    Accepted 48L's Staff App

    Minecraft Username 48L Age 16 Timezone Gulf Standard Time Country United Arab Emirates Realm Activity The main realm which I dedicate most of my time towards is Kingdom. Activity I can dedicate 42 hours a week (6 hours a day) into MineSaga. Experience I have been a staff member on a wide...
  15. 48L

    Enchantment Orbs - Suggestion

    Enchantment Orbs This proposed feature would be an item that lets you increase the amount of enchants you can apply to your weapon/tool/armor, essentially expanding the limit on how many enchantments you can add per item. Usage The enchantment orb would be a purchasable item (or obtainable...