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  1. 10ForMath

    Denied 10ForMath Staff Application

    I am.
  2. 10ForMath

    Denied 10ForMath Staff Application

    Thanks for the feedback but I don't think you've readen my whole application if you think I only want to become staff to mute and ban people. That's a big statement that you said there, and for a lot of staff that's one of the main reasons to apply. Yes it is true that I can of course help new...
  3. 10ForMath

    Staff Applications.....

    Number 1 is correct Numer 2 is correct Number 3 is not correct Number 4 is correct Number 5 is correct Number 6 is not correct
  4. 10ForMath

    Any suggestions?

    Maybe make your intro move a bit more?
  5. 10ForMath

    What is Prison

    It's basically a gamemode where you mine blocks and get money for that. With the money you can /rankup and get further progression, accessing new mines that give even more money. This is a basic explanation of what the original Prison Gamemode is.
  6. 10ForMath

    Hi I’m Square_Panties or Collin

    Hi I'm 10ForMath!
  7. 10ForMath

    Hello, I'm Terra

  8. 10ForMath

    Denied 10ForMath Staff Application

    ● Minecraft Username My current in-game-name is 10ForMath. ● What is your age? Please note, to apply for staff you need to be at least 13 years old. I'm currently 13 years old, but I'm turning 14 in July. ● What is your timezone? I'm from Europa. ● What country are you from? The Netherlands...
  9. 10ForMath

    Island members

    -Are you new to MineSaga? Yes, but I played on a lot of other skyblock servers, and we were at least top 10 islands. -(If no, which server have you been playing on the most)? Western -What can you bring to the island: I can bring my alts to AFK spawners. I can bring a great attitude to the...
  10. 10ForMath

    Denied Breamy - Staff APP (EU)

    I feel like I've read something very similair like this application in the "Communication Skills" & "Responsibility" section. Nonetheless, good application! Good amount of detail, I'd go with +1